the ordering process

+ How do I place an order?

  1. Submit your order details through our Get an Estimate page.
  2. We will send you a job estimate. If you love the price, send us your artwork.
  3. We will send mockups to you for you to approve. Be sure you thoroughly check your placements, colors, spelling, etc.
  4. After mockups are approved, a 50% deposit is required for your order to enter our production schedule. No more changes may be placed to your order after the deposit has been made.
  5. Once your order is complete, a final invoice will be sent to you that reflects your actual shipping costs, any over/under quantites, etc.
  6. When the final invoice is paid, your order will be ready to ship and/or be ready for local pickup or delivery.

+ Is there a minimum order?

We will do an order as small as 12 shirts, with some restrictions on the number of colors and print locations. We recommend that an order of at least 50 items be placed. We are set up for bulk orders and for smaller orders most of the cost ends up in the preparation of the order. The more pieces you order, the better prices we can offer you.

+ Are there setup fees?

Setup, AKA pre-press, is an artform unto itself. Good pre-press work takes time and money. As such, we do charge setup fees for creating your screens. Your setup fees will be waived on any reorder of the same artwork within a 1 year timeframe.

Many shops try to entice new customers by saying there are no setup fees. This isn't really true; your setup fee is just rolled into their pricing. Which means when you re-order the same job from them a few months later, you're still paying that higher cost. We feel this is disingenuous and misleading.

+ Can you do rush orders?

We do offer rush orders, depending on the current workload and production schedule. Contact us for more information.


quality artwork = quality printing

+ how do i submit artwork?

You can email your art files to If your file is too large to attach in an e-mail, we recommend using a file sharing service such as Google Drive or DropBox.


Here are some of the most common file formats that we accept:

  • .PSD (Adobe Photoshop)
  • .AI (Adobe Illustrator)
  • .EPS (Encapsulated Post-Script)
  • .PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format)
  • .TIF (Tagged Image File)

PLEASE NOTE: JPEG, GIF, PNG, .BMP, & any documents created in Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, etc) are NOT acceptable file-formats. If one of these is the only file type your artwork is available in, artwork recreation charges may apply.


All files should be a MINIMUM of 300dpi resolution, or a vector file. All fonts in the artwork must be included, flattened, or outlined. Please size your artwork to you desired print size.


Our standard print area is 13" wide by 19" high. We can accommodate larger artwork than that in many circumstances.


getting technical

+ what is discharge printing?

In short, discharge printing is AWESOME. Discharge inks are our standard ink type, as we feel they produce the best results, both in terms of the final look and feel, as well as print longevity. Disharge inks result in the softest, most breathable prints available in the industry today.

Industry-standard plastisol inks, which are essentially liquid plastic, sit on top of the fabric and end up feeling stiff, and do not allow the fabric to breathe. Discharge ink is a water-based ink that removes the dye in natural fabrics, and replaces it with your desired pigment (or removes the dye and leaves you with the natural color of the cotton). This results in a print that is actually part of your shirt, which means it will never crack, peel, fade, or wash out.

Certain fabric dye works better with discharge than others. Kelly Green, Royal Blue, Reds, and some Purple dyes tend to resist the ink, which results in the ink taking on a tint of the original fabric color. Please be aware of this when placing your order.

+ I want to use 50/50 shirts, can you discharge print those?

We can, but discharge ink is formulated to work most effectively on 100% cotton. Printing on 50/50 garments means that the ink will only work on 50% of the shirt, resulting in a faded, vintage-type look to your shirt.

+ i want a specific ink color. how do i specify that?

Pantone Matching System (PMS) is the industry standard for matching colors. We may see “turquoise” differently than you, and monitor display settings can greatly affect the colors you see on your screen. The Pantone system is in place to create a standard, where if a specific PMS number is referenced, a formula is followed and it will be the same color no matter if your “turquoise” is our “blue-green”. Specific colors cannot be guaranteed unless you are using a Pantone Color Guide and reference the PMS numbers from that guide.

Due to the nature of discharge inks and the garment dyes they react with, an exact PMS match cannot be guaranteed, but we always do our best to get them as close as humanly possible.

+ i want to print over the seams / zipper, how does that work?

Over-seam printing is possible but it is generally recommended against doing so. Screen printing is ideally executed on flat surfaces, and a seam creates a “bump” which adversely affects the ink dispersion/distribution. We can print over seams, but cannot guarantee prints that are over the seams, as the results vary too greatly.


timing is everything


Our turnaround times are based on the current work load. The average turnaround time is between 8 and 14 days. Turnaround time is only an estimate, is not guaranteed and starts when your deposit is made AND we have all information to complete your job. If you have a deadline for your order, let us know and we will go over all the options to accommodate your needs. We've never missed a deadline, but rush charges may apply. Contact us and we can go over the best options for you.


We use FedEx Ground for shipping in order to save you money on shipping costs. Standard ship times can be viewed in this map. If you have a specific due-date for your order, we will always ship in the right timeframe in order to meet your due date.

+ can you send us an order while we're on tour?

Not a problem at all. Let us know what the most convenient place for you to safely pick-up an order is, and we will ship it there. We recommend sending them at least a day/city ahead of when you need them, just in case weather delays or any other unforseen circumstance affects our shipping carriers.


shirts, etc


Our standard, go-to, fair price t-shirt is the Alstyle 5301N. It's a made of medium weight, supremely soft ring-spun AND combed cotton. They're ethically sourced, sweatshop free, and really comfortable.

We offer a large selection of WRAP Certified garments. Alstyle Apparel, Next Level, Bella+Canvas, Royal Apparel, American Apparel, Bayside, U.S. Blanks, and Independent Trading Company are just a few of the brands we can offer you.


Short answer: Not really. We don't recommend it.

Long answer: Yes, you can provide your own materials to be printed on, but you agree to assume any and all responsibility for imperfections in either the garments or the print (whether real or perceived). We will not guarantee your garments or the quality of prints on said garments. If you insist, there is a receiving fee of $1.00 per item. Provided items must be new; we will not print on used clothing.

We recommend allowing us to take care of providing the materials to be printed on - we are wholesalers and can offer better pricing than retailers, and we can guarantee that the product will be in good shape, and that the method of printing will work with the provided garment. Plus, it's less work for you to have to run around town, shopping for shirts, and delivering them to us.


You can order any combination of shirt colors or types within your order as long as it is for the same design. If you decide to change the color of the ink in that order for a different color tee there will be a Color Change fee, and if the design must be reversed out to accommodate lighter or darker shirts, then additional setup charges will be incurred. Also be aware that pricing may vary by garment.



Please, don't hesitate to ask!